Frank (left) and Absten reading English comic books as part of their break in our English class. Love how they had the same pose in this picture!

Joewel also has a very good habit of taking chairs for the whole table to sit on. What a sweetheart!

What's going on here? This picture encapsulates how energetic and 'cool' these kids are :) From top left: Me, Marco, Jedly, (bottom)Terence, Joewel

Kids folding paper cranes taught by Suchi

From left: Samii, Aisyah, Suchi, Aily and Fifyi; Behind: Dee, Kai Li

Amir and Fifyi introducing the kids to basic accounting

Team Champion with their striking pose

From left: Jowel, Me, Willdry, Irwan

Standard six students with the Charismen

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