Beginning as our 2017 Inspire Initiative, Malaysia's Rainy Days (MRD) is a collection of stories that showcases the Malaysian spirit in volunteerism and activism. Ultimately, it aims to raise awareness on those who are underprivileged, as well as highlight issues in Malaysia that still require attention and help from the public.


Rainy Days

It's a project that aims to cherish and celebrate the side of Malaysia that is loving, generous and kind.

Catch a glimpse of the realities behind volunteerism and activism through our writers’ lenses to understand why volunteering is multi-faceted in its importance to our society, and a rewarding experience to many.

We are taking order for MRD 2nd edition books at the price of RM 35 per book (excluding postage). 

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Rainy Day Talk is a virtual event on the topic of Malaysian spirit in volunteerism and activism. The goal is to raise awareness on those who are underprivileged and encourage everyone to try volunteering as we have volunteers who will be sharing different perspectives on volunteerism.
In this live session, 3 of the volunteers who have contributed their pieces in Charisma Movement's Malaysia's Rainy Days book will be sharing their very own stories. Watch the video to know more!


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Our MRD Family

Meet the amazing team behind this project


Suchi Chai

Creative Director


Chong Sue Yen

Graphic Designer


Aisyah Mardhiah

Art editor


Muhammad Affan



Lim Kai Li


Frequently Asked Questions

Why "Malaysia's Rainy Days"?

This is a project that aims to cherish and celebrate the side of Malaysia that is loving, generous and kind. The side that will always lend a helping hand, on a rainy day; and hence its title, Malaysia's Rainy Days.

What kind of stories are in Malaysia's Rainy Days?

Personal stories about volunteerism and activism that shed light on current issues in Malaysia.

Who handles Malaysia's Rainy Days? Who writes the stories?

We have a MRD Ad hoc Committee consisting of volunteers acting as our Project Officer, Text Editors & Visual Editors. Our stories come from members of the public, just like you.

How can I order a Malaysia's Rainy Days book?

Easy-peasy! You can just Click Here

Where do the funds go?

All profits from MRD book sales will go towards the execution of our projects, which ultimately benefits underprivileged Malaysians and helps us tackle key issues in our country. We promise no funds will be used for personal gain. Read all about Projek Anak Malaysia, Wildlife Conservation Project and the Inspire Initiative here!