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A Healing Journey through Trends and the Eras Tour

Updated: Apr 6

Dear Reader,

When you were little, have you ever had an image of what being a 20-something adult should look like? A stable job, unwavering confidence, and a life full of freedom? Now, here we are, stumbling through our twenties. Did that childhood vision hold true? Are you where you thought you'd be, or somewhere entirely different?

In a Reddit discussion entitled “Are your twenties supposed to be terrible?” a young man expressed that he felt his twenties were more challenging than he anticipated. The same disconnect between childhood expectations and the messy reality of adulthood has left many others feeling lost and questioning their path. It is more common than we think for young adults to face a period of dramatic changes in their twenties, juggling career aspirations, financial pressures, and evolving relationships. It can be a time of immense vulnerability and self-discovery.

Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development

Consequently, the instability this period causes can also lead to a heightened awareness of mental and emotional well-being, with some imminently turning to psychological health services to cope. Increased exposure to psychology and the wealth of online resources have made the younger generation more attuned to their inner struggles. As a result, seeking professional help to break free from their All Too Wells is no longer unnerving or a taboo subject. This is further evidenced by the current trend of "healing your inner child," a concept that acknowledges the impact of past experiences and memories on our present selves.

As the volume of conversations on childhood trauma and healing increases on the internet and clips of old childhood shows like Nanalan' go viral on TikTok, a State of Grace emerges. Down the line, another trend appears online with proclamations like "teenaged 20-something-year-olds." This viral trend of young women identifying as teenage girls in their twenties is more complex than simply clinging to teenhood.

Viral TikTok videos that embody the trends.

While it might involve occupying themselves with adolescent whimsies, it can also be an escape or a balm for the very real struggles of 'adulting'. Shouldering serious responsibilities like securing insurance and planning for retirement can feel daunting. Thus, reclaiming their innocence or 'girlhood' while facing a quarter-life crisis might be a way for these women to navigate these challenges and find moments of joy amidst the pressures they face.

With past pop culture obsessions making a comeback in the 2020s, young women are relishing their girlhood alongside blockbuster events. One of the events that demonstrates this perfectly is Taylor Swift's record-breaking Eras Tour. By re-releasing her hit albums and welcoming music written from different points of her career onto the stage, she's not only honouring her past but casually embracing the evidence of her artistic as well as personal growth. 

This resonates deeply with young adults, who seek connection and nostalgia. Taylor's introspective lyricism, rich with themes of girlhood and self-discovery, has soundtracked and narrated the pivotal moments of her fans and countless others in their life’s journey, making the Eras Tour an unconscious permission slip to reconnect and relive a bit of our Fifteen along the way. 

Girls across generations at the Eras tour.

In my own experience, the Eras Tour was definitely not just about music; it also showcased the essence of female camaraderie. The pre-concert buzz felt electric, filled with excitement as my friends and I crafted friendship bracelets and debated outfit choices. Stepping into the stadium grounds, we were greeted by a fellow concertgoer, a friendly smile breaking out beneath her hijab as she complimented ours. 

Pre-concert preparation.

Everywhere you looked, girls documented each other's Bejeweled outfits, reflecting the magic of the night. My favourite memory? Trading bracelets with complete strangers. The sheer joy that lit up our faces as we swapped beaded colours mirrored the innocence of making preschool friends, a time free from judgement and social constructs. 

On top of that, having to witness fans just dancing and belting out childhood anthems like "Love Story" and "You Belong With Me" with their supportive friends and families was truly heartwarming. It was a stark contrast to the crowd back home and the subconscious message some of us have internalized, where any interest that's ultrafeminine is easily seen as less than. The Eras Tour felt like a revelation. At the concert, I fell in love with being a woman all over again, rediscovering the vulnerability and authenticity it embodies. The kindness I experienced and the unbridled joy from the crowd cemented the event as more than just a concert; it was indeed a celebration of girlhood and shared experiences. 

In a world where the only constant is change, these trends of healing your past selves and the events surrounding them served as an insightful reminder; that the most solid relationship we can invest in is the one with ourselves. The trends fundamentally advocate for self-compassion and understanding. By reconnecting with that younger part of ourselves in our twenties, we learn to grasp the intricate layers of life's journey. This newfound perspective makes navigating adulthood not just bearable, but even a touch more wholesome. The road ahead might be uncertain, but with a strong sense of self, we're better equipped to face it, ready to Begin Again amidst the rough ride.

By, Marsya Mahfis, Journalist, Charisma Movement 23/24.

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