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Charisma Movement

is looking for passionate individuals to make

an impact and be the

face of our organization

this upcoming 

2021/2022 term!

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Our committee consists of passionate Malaysians from all over the world. So far, our members consists of young adults who are currently studying or working in Malaysia, the UK and the US. We also believe in fostering the talent of youths, no one is too young to join us and learn! Change is not limited by age.

We interact through online meetings, messages and emails to make our projects work! Whether you're working or studying, you can be one of us as long as you're passionate about making an impact and can commit to our causes for one year.

By joining us, you will get to experience what it is like to be running an organization which promotes positive changes. Our community is full of diverse opinions and backgrounds, to help build holistic and sustainable solutions that takes the different walks of life into account. 

We all have a voice in enacting change, improving the lives of others as well as promoting a more just and verdant world. We welcome those who share our values to contribute and give back to the community by narrowing the gap between a world we can only imagine and the world we live in.

How We Work?





Interested in making an impact while fostering your leadership skills? As executive director, you will be the face of CM, helping to build trust with our partners and community. 


  1. Strategically lead the organization towards growth and improvement

  2. Ensure initiatives are impactful and well-executed

  3. Ensure good information flow within the organization


  1. Strong leadership and communication skills

  2. Good time management

  3. Able to respect and gain respect from the team members

  4. Able to work with different stakeholders effectively and efficiently



Are you a wiz at management, a well-oiled machine? We are looking for an assistant secretary to help keep CM chugging along!


  1. Manage CM emails and correspondence

  2. Organize meeting times and minutes

  3. Construct a monthly newsletter containing general updates on CM activities and advertising current as well as upcoming events

  4. Proofread and make final corrections on all CM content from every department before it is released or posted

  5. Prepare all necessary documentation for CM to continue to function as an NGO


  1. Good communication skills

  2. Organizational skills and time-management

  3. Good eye for details and errors



The treasurer is a vital role in CM as they are in charge of using our funds for the best interest of the organization and beneficiaries. 



  1. Responsibly manage CM’s book of business, and update directors on accounts when needed

  2. Keep records of all transactions and book of business

  3. Handle and provide oversight on transactions using CM’s funds 

  4. Scrutinize and evaluate responsible project spending

    • Join project funding meetings and scrutinize spending needs

    • Reduce redundancy in spending and discover potential opportunities where presented

  5. Oversee the progress and work of the Sponsorship Director

  6. Source external connections where appropriate


  1. Consistently identify the big picture and act appropriately

  2. Effective communication and critical-thinking skills

  3. Experience in Excel or any spreadsheet application

  4. Able to identify and protect the confidentiality of information

Deadline: 28 September 2021, 5:00PM GMT+8

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