The ongoing pandemic has brought about new norms. Despite being separated during Chinese New Year (CNY) and Valentine, e-cards can help enlighten the festive mood and enable people to connect digitally by exchanging greetings and wishes. Let your family and friends know that you are thinking about them by sending them a surprise, digitally. Their hearts will definitely be warmed.

There are Chinese New Year and Valentine-themed e-card designs available, each with their own unique qualities.
Every e-card order placed requires a minimum donation of RM5 / £1
Do check out here to place your orders, you are welcome to add on any personal messages you might have for your loved ones.
You are also welcome to contribute any amount you wish in addition to the RM5 / £1 as a donation to our causes.
We will send you an email confirmation once the order has been placed.

How the funds will be used

All money fundraised will be used to execute our flagship projects, which includes the Wildlife Conservation Project (WCP), Project Anak Malaysia and Gift of Sight. WCP aims to raise awareness regarding the endangerment of sea turtles in Malaysia and the existing conservation efforts whereas Project Anak Malaysia aims to bring the issue of education-inequity within underprivileged communities in Malaysia to light and assist students academically in rural areas through the conduction of various classes and workshops. The Gift of Sight Project is a new project aiming to equip students with necessary eye care through eye screenings and provision of spectacles. We vow to disburse the funds as promised. Feel free to read up more about Wildlife Conservation Project and Project Anak Malaysia here! 

Date of Campaign

7th February - 14th February

Time Period

8 days


RM 5 / £1 per e-card

Valentine's Day

Valentine-themed e-cards designs available to choose from for your loved ones.

Chinese New Year

Special CNY-themed e-cards designs available to choose from for your family and friends.

Who designs the e-cards?

Our e-cards are designed by our very own Marketing Department.

Can I pay more?

Definitely! We are more than happy to receive if you wish to pay more than the minimum donation amount as all profits will be well utilised for our projects.

When will the recipient receive the e-card?

You can choose any date you prefer, either on the day after the payment has been made or on the day of the celebration itself (CNY on February 12th and February 13th, Valentines Day on February 14th).

How will the recipient receive the e-card?

An email with the chosen e-card design and your personal message (if any) will be sent to the recipient via CM's e-mail on the desired date you’ve requested. We also have an option to send the e-card via Instagram DM.

When is the last day to place an order?

By 14th February, 6pm (MY time) as we’ll send the e-cards out right after.

Will the recipient know who is the sender?

Yes if you would like to, you may choose your own nickname to be used when sending the e-card. We also provide an option to send the card anonymously.

Frequently Asked Questions

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