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A Virtual Health Event

"no holdbacks"

addressing health taboos in Malaysia

let's talk
about it lah!

27 - 28
November 2021

How comfortable are you talking about your health with your parents? Your family or friends?

As we all know, health issues are somewhat of a prickly subject among Malaysian families, and society at large.

We tend to hide our flaws out of shame. This environment makes it difficult for people to seek help when they truly need it, as they may intentionally feel shamed. This is especially prevalent among the younger generation, who may feel like they cannot ask for help or they may not have a safe space to seek help.


  1. To open this conversation about health and remove the stigmas that come with it

  2. To encourage the youth to take a more proactive role in their health and not feel shame when talking about different conditions

  3. To take a deeper dive into healthcare equity in Malaysia

  4. Seek the de-stigmatization of certain health topics, i.e. menstruation & chronic illness

  5. To encourage self-advocacy in medical settings


27th November (Sat)​

Community Health

Equal access to quality healthcare is a human right, regardless of race, gender identity, age or socioeconomic status. Listen as our speakers discuss how an inclusive healthcare system is vital to the overall development of society.

2pm - 4pm (MYT)

Mental Health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health awareness entered public discourse. Prolonged isolation & the blurring of home and work/school life placed immense pressure on everyone. Yet, it is still a topic we are unwilling to discuss despite the dangerous consequences of untreated mental health conditions. 

5pm - 7pm (MYT)

28th November (Sun)​

Invisible Illnesses

Autoimmune and chronic illnesses are seeing a rise in the number of diagnosed cases, yet lack proper understanding by the wider public. This session looks at empathy towards the unseen struggles of patients. And the importance of advocating for oneself in a medical setting.

2pm - 4pm (MYT)

Sexual & Women's Health

Proper sex education is the foundation for healthy adult sex life. Yet sex-ed in Malaysia is severely lacking. Addressing topics such as safe & consensual sex is key in providing a safer environment for all in an environment where dating apps have proliferated among the youth.

5pm - 7pm (MYT)


This event will feature a host of esteemed speakers. Our speakers come from a diverse range of backgrounds - with the aim of providing a more holistic conversation.

Megan Yap

Advocating Youth Project Lead

Dr. Mohd Farooq Shaikh

Assoc. Prof. Neuropharmacology at Monash Medicine

Sarah Edrina

Founding Member of Doctors on Ground Malaysia

Sean Chew

Representative for Wondaleaf.

Rebecca Lee

Co-Founder of Sexual Health Yes! (SHY)

Stephenie Teo

Representative for Wondaleaf.


Event Partners

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