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  Project ANAK MALAYSIA 2023 

2-week development programme targeting students and teachers in rural areas of Malaysia.


Volunteers help bridge the education gap by facilitating lesson activities in 5 key areas:






Project Anak Malaysia aims to promote the importance of education by conducting lessons and workshops for the primary school students of the local schools, SK Samparita, SK Temuno Teringai Darat & SK Tumunda Salimandut.

Job Scope:

  • Teaching primary students in Sabah

  • Understanding job scopes of teachers

  • Gain grass-root exposure to issues of rural education

Education should be accessible
to everyone

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Past Volunteers Experience

A collection of stories written by our past volunteers about their experiences over the 2 weeks project.

Read more about them here!

Project Recruitment

Recruitment is currently closed. 

Stay tuned for our next round of volunteer recruitment!


Feel free to check out some of our pictures from the projects from years past.

Project Teringai-Tumunda 2019

Project Teringai-Tumunda 2018

"In light of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, I am still glad to be able to contribute in some form towards the kids in Sabah via Digital Anak Malaysia! Throughout the educational video project, we hustled towards a common goal of motivating the kids to complete their studies up to tertiary education. Thank you, Charisma Movement for the experience to give a positive impact to the kids through this meaningful project!"

Shenn Kuan, Volunteer

Digital Anak Malaysia 2020

shenn kuan.PNG

"I would trade anything to go back to Sabah, that’s for sure. I had so much fun being there but most important here is to reflect and take a look around the community and see what we can contribute in order to make the lives of the rural people better. I would share my experience in Sabah with as many people as possible so we can finally achieve our goal of eradicating education inequality that is quite critical here in Malaysia."

Fawwaz, Volunteer

Tumunda 2019


"Undeniably, coming here has deepen my understanding into the rural-urban divide; but realising that the small actions we took could have made an impact – no matter how big or small – on the kids here has made me more eager than before to want to do more for my society."

Suchi Chai, Volunteer

Tumunda 2018

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