Project Anak Malaysia 2021

What is Project Anak Malaysia?

Project Anak Malaysia involves volunteers who  cover various aspects of education with emphasis being placed on English Language and Mathematics, as well as the importance of health and hygiene specifically for Standard 6 students who are about to sit for their UPSR examinations.

Each year, we recruit about 30-55 highly capable and passionate volunteers, who spend the entire duration of the project teaching and inspiring the student-beneficiaries. Charisma Movement has been working with 3 schools in Kota Marudu, Sabah which include SK Temuno-Teringai Darat, SK Tumunda Salimandut and SK Samparita which is the new school that we have expanded to last year.

Here is the video of Tinggal Kenangan, a surprise performance by some students who were part of Project Anak Malaysia. This song was performed as a farewell for the Charisma Movement volunteers. We hope you enjoy the kids' performance as much as we did.

Session 2

Parents from the rural areas of Sabah will share insights about the education challenges faced by the people in East Malaysia.
3 consecutive Saturdays:

#SuaraPedalaman is a series of interviews which serves as a platform for East Malaysian students, teachers and parents to share their perspectives and stories on education.

This year, the pandemic does not permit us to physically volunteer and assist the students in Kota Marudu, Sabah. However, it does not dampen our spirits to create impacts and hence, as an alternative, #SuaraPedalaman was born.


Session 1

A teacher from each school (SK Temuno-Teringai Darat, SK Tumunda Salimandut and SK Samparita) will be sharing their teaching experiences in rural areas schools.
Why #SuaraPedalaman?

Session 3

Some students from our beneficiaries schools will share their experiences on education equity faced by rural areas students in Sabah.
How can you help?

The funds will be used for students’ welfare of SK Temuno-Teringai Darat, SK Tumunda Salimandut and SK Samparita to elevate their education experiences through school supplies and future Project Anak Malaysia.

Although the education disparity is still an ongoing challenge, let’s do what we can by donating to our #AnakMalaysia.

Every little bit helps! “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving” - Mother Teresa