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Young Wordsmiths Competition 2023

An initiative to improve English literacy levels among primary school students of SK Samparita, SK Tumunda, and SK Teringai.

Writing with Pen

Quarter 1: An Unforgettable Memory

First Place:

Dezerkel Wilter
12 years old, SK Tumunda

Second Place:

Eviella Ivyannie Jaindon
10 years old, SK Tumunda

Third Place:

Arvey Krish
12 years old, SK Samparita

Quarter 2: Your Favourite Person or A Person That Inspires You 

First Place:

Amirah Ayra Nurdylescha Bt Dahlizan
12 years old, SK Tumunda

Second Place:

Xaerell Tommy
11 years old, SK Samparita

Third Place:

Cellinyka Lingin
11 years old, SK Tumunda

Best Writing Improvement Award:

Edryana Rana Edmund
10 years old, SK Tumunda

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