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A campaign run by Charisma Movement every year.

We are always looking to conduct more volunteering programs and this is your chance to come forward with your ideas, to turn it into reality.

In this campaign, Charisma Movement works closely with the individual who proposed the chosen project and provides assistance as well as funding for the project. We look forward to receiving ideas from the public and reaching out to other areas of volunteerism from our organisation.

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1. There are no restrictions to the duration of the project, as long as it can be carried out within the budget. 

2. The project should be carried out in Malaysia and everyone is welcomed to participate in the project. Project volunteers are required to be at least 18 years of age during the application.

3. All ideas are welcomed as long as it fits our general objectives and should be non-discriminatory against gender, race, religion, sexuality, special needs, political ideologies, social class and field of study.



To inspire and encourage charity work and volunteerism in Malaysia

To empower Malaysians youths by helping them transform their ideas into reality

To instill leadership skills by encouraging innovative volunteering ideas 

To raise awareness and highlight issues that are not being made known to the public

To encourage the public to advocate for the different causes in Malaysia


Aiming to explore the reality of blue-collared workers- whose jobs are deemed unappreciated in Malaysian society, this initiative was carried out for the volunteers to explore the job scope in the working class of manual labor and respecting the undervalued work force in our country. 

Inspire Initiative 2014
By Charmaine Tew
Inspire Initiative 2016
By Eshen Ang

Charisma Movement held the first and largest CPR relay in Malaysia with the aim to raise awareness regarding the leading cause of death in Malaysia - coronary heart disease. The event made it to the Malaysian Book of Record and was a huge success in providing the public with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills of basic CPR required to resuscitate a person in times of emergency.

Inspire Initiative 2019
By Foo Hui Yi
Inspire Initiative 2020
By Aiynah Hazni
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