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fundraise for education equity

Get a Fast Track to Project Anak Malaysia 2022!


Publicize your creative ideas to reach your prospects.

Let people, be it your friends, family and colleagues, aware of your initiatives to fundraise to tackle education inequity, 

Gear up and start your own fundraising campaign with us!

Get a fast track application to Project Anak Malaysia 2022!  The fundraising initiatives can be anything at all, ranging from a pledge to hike Mount Everest to bake sales. We welcome any kind of event.

According to a study by UNICEF in 2019, almost 1 in 4 children in Sabah had never attend schools.

It is said that the barriers prior this fact are inaccessible education and poor resources for Alternative Learning Centres (ALCs) offered by NGOs, community and faith-based group. Join us and be part of the solution!

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Meet Our Fundraisers

 Anak Malaysia aims to promote the importance of education by conducting lessons and workshops for the primary school students of the local schools, SK Temuno Teringai Darat & SK Tumunda Salimandut.

Next year, we would like to continue the efforts of our previous volunteers by continuing to work with SK Temuno Teringai Darat and SK Tumunda Salimandut while expanding to SK Samparita, with an expected total of 55 volunteers!

Education must be an equal opportunity for all

Initiative 1: Charity Read

“Knowledge is power and everyone has the rights to receive education. Through the reading challenge, participants can reap the benefits of knowledge which will help them understand the importance of education. We aim to help our own country to increase the literacy rate of our citizens.” - Charmaine

by W^3 Bookclub

Reading Challenge

  1. Join the one month reading challenge.

  2. Post your aim in the beginning.

  3. Throughout the month, you will read the amount of books you have set in the beginning.

  4. Publish your book review(s) at the end of the challenge.

  5. Ask for donation.

W3 Book Club

Initiative 2: Custom Ilustrations

by Chew Xian Loong

Chew Xian Loong
Civil Engineering

Singapore Institute of Technology

"The world could use a little more kindness that we can offer every day." - Chew Xian Loong

Initiative 3: Buy Mask & Donate

Mask Care

4 - Shi Ying Tan.png
IMG_0708 - Shi Ying Tan.JPG

MaskCare reusable face masks, comes in different colours. RM10 will be donated to Project Anak Malaysia for every masks sold.

Initiative 4: Custom Digital Art

by Dan Goh Qing

Dan Goh Qing


Maroon Studio

"I am interested in helping children who are already having a difficult time. Everyone deserves to have a good education but before that they also have to meet their basic needs." - Dan Goh Qing

by Nurul Hamizah Binti Afandi

Initiative 5: Proofreading & Resume Review

"When I was doing my internship at Teach For Malaysia, I got the chance to hear the experience and stories from the teaching fellows/alumni that were placed in Semporna, Sabah - their socio-economic challenges as well as education-related challenges. I also got the chance to conduct some research on Sabah education landscape, and my heart broke when I found out about the undocumented (also called 'invisible') children and the ALCs (and much more). I even set the intention to go to Sabah once MCO is over, as I have never been there before - not exactly to experience the touristy parts of Sabah, but to see the 'ugly truth' that I've only been able to listen to, with my own eyes. I hope this fundraiser will be one of my efforts to contribute to the Sabahans, and one of the steps for me to be there and engage with the people." - Nurul Hamizah

Nurul Hamizah Afandi

Archaeology and Anthroplogy

University College London

IMG_9193 - Euan Thum.HEIC

Initiative 6: Poetry Collection 'After All'

by Euan Thum

After CHECKMATE, Euan Thum comes up with After All, another poetry collection which comprises 20-30 self-written poems and photobook with exclusive photos from his trip to Iceland.

"And as many may know, poetry has been my go-to way of self-expression from as early as late 2014. I would love to take this chance to promote the love for poetry- an art I pursue, to thank you for monetarily contributing in helping us strengthen the framework of volunteerism in Malaysia." - Euan

Donors who donate RM10 or GBP2 and above will receive a digital copy of the collection along with a personal Thank You note, at the end of the fundraising period. It is essential that donors leave their contact details in order for Euan to send them their copies.

Euan Thum 

Bsc Economics

University of Warwick

Charisma Virtual Camp.png

Initiative 7: Charisma Virtual Camp

by Team Charisma

Team Charisma will be hosting a weekend virtual camp for students between the age of 16-25, ranging from Pre-SPM to Post-graduate students as a final initiative to fundraise for Project Anak Malaysia 2021. A small portion of the participation fees will cover the operational cost while the remaining will be channeled to PAM fundraising.


The camp will be conducted from 10/9/2021 (Friday) until 12/9/2021 (Sunday)! The activities that will be carried out are as follows:

  • Introduction to Charity Organization

  • Finance Talk

  • Scholarship Talk

  • Story Sharing

  • Job Sharing

  • CV and Cover Letter Sharing

  • Some exciting play sessions and live music!

Charisma Movement

by Ahmad Alif Halimi bin Ahmad Hamdi & Omar Qayyum bin Hamdan

Initiative 8: Let's Read and Speak! 

Alif and Omar would want to initiate an educational activity for the primary secondary school students with the intention to help spread the knowledge alongside initiating to fundraise for Project Anak Malaysia. 

Jom Dengar Cerita

  1. To create the culture and encourage the interest of reading among youngsters in writing.

  2. To develop their comprehension and bring new knowledge and lessons at the end of the reading sessions.

  3. To develop the literacy skill in English and Malay among the youngsters.

  4. To enhance the imaginative skills and ideas among youngsters that will assist them 

Tips Pengucapan Awam

Ahmad Alif Halimi bin Ahmad Hamdi

Omar Qayyum bin Hamdan

International Islamic University Malaysia

  1. To introduce the students with the most relevant soft skills in job market.

  2. ​To boost the confidence of the students to speak within the small community first before speaking in front of a crowd

  3. To teach them how to deal with glossophobia.

  4. To guide them the techniques to create ideas and structure sentences.

"We see that volunteerism in the bird’s-eye view is all about dedication in becoming a social agent to initiate a change in the self of the marginalised students and concerted efforts with active participation by applying all skills and specialty from the volunteers to maintain the change in the community." - Alif & Omar

PAM_Faa Mohd - Faa Mohd.JPG

by Nur Faizah Mohamad

Initiative 9: Baked Goods 

Nur Faizah Mohamad

Digital Business Executive 

SME Bank

“I am interested to fundraise for Project Anak Malaysia because I have always wanted to give back to the community and I believe they need more help, especially in this pandemic. Although I have no prior experience in fundraising, I am eager to kickstart my first ever fundraising journey as I believe that Charisma Movement could provide me with the guidance that I need.” - Nur Faizah

by Alif Firdaus Mohd Rozman & Syafika Nabila Ibrahim

Initiative 10: Double the donation! 

We managed to convince anonymous donors to pledge to Project Anak Malaysia by matching up the donation amount. For every ringgit donated to Project Anak Malaysia, the donors will match it up by 100% capped at RM500! If you think you can only afford to donate one basket of food to a household, think again because donating to us means you are actually donating to TWO households. If we achieve RM1000, we will donate an extra RM 200 to PAM.

"Education for all. It is a shared responsibility we need to take for our future generation, and the betterment of the nation. Given the current situation, education equity gap is widening and this is an important work to be done together." - Alif & Syafika

Alif Firdaus Mohd Rozman Bank Islam Malaysia

 Syafika Nabila Ibrahim

Standard Chartered Malaysia

Initiative 11: MRD Book Sale

by Kiro Store

Kiro Store

Malaysia’s Rainy Days (MRD) is a collection of stories that showcases the Malaysian spirit in volunteerism and activism that aims to raise awareness on those who are underprivileged, as well as highlight issues in Malaysia that still require attention and help from the public. Every purchase of MRD book between 15th August to 15th September will go to Project Anak Malaysia’s Crowdfunding.

"Thank you, Charisma Movement, for providing hand sanitizers, masks and other necessities to the students in Tumunda. For all the students in Malaysia, please stay strong and safe during the pandemic."

Cikgu Zaldy, SK Tumunda Salimandut


The proceeds will be used to fund Charisma Movement’s educational projects in the future. In the past, we have used the fund on various pursuits that solidify the smooth-running of our project and ensure that our goals are met.

This fund has been used to sponsor the students' stay at school hostels during our visit to Sabah, to buy stationery for the students, and to purchase books for the schools’ libraries. 


What impacts will you create?


students received the stationery kits this year

RM 330

has been raised for Send Your Wish Raya

RM 10,000

is the amount we aim to raise for this crowdfunding


 It's not too late to make an impact! 

If you wish to contribute to the cause by donating, you may directly donate your grant to our SimplyGiving.

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