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Wildlife Conservation Project

Wildlife Conservation Project (previously known as Projek Penyu) focuses on raising awareness regarding the endangerment of sea turtles in Malaysia and the existing conservation efforts. This annual project started since 2016 and this year, we have expanded our reach to terrapins, fireflies, and the mangrove ecosystem. 


Get to know the project

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In collaboration with TCS, Rimbun Dahan Turtle Hatchery, EcoCare, and SEATRU UMT, WCP volunteers participate in a one-week programme at the East Coast of Malaysia. During the programme, they will gain hands-on experience on conservation efforts for the turtles, as well as with terrapins and fireflies. Other than that, the protection of the mangrove ecosystem is included in this programme to raise awareness on the significance of the ecosystem in protecting the shoreline and providing essential habitats to hundreds of wildlife species.


Since Charisma Movement believes in taking things one step further, we also focus on environmental education in the local community by organising talks about environmental conservation efforts and environment-related career pathways. In addition to that, the local community is educated about the detrimental effects of illegal turtle egg harvesting towards our ecosystem. 

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Past Volunteers Experience

A collection of stories written by our past volunteers about their experiences during the project.

Read more about them here!

Project Recruitment

Recruitment is currently closed. 

Stay tuned for our next round of volunteer recruitment!


Feel free to check out some photos from our previous projects.

Wildlife Conservation Project 2020

Projek Penyu 2019

Wildlife Conservation Project 2021

Have a look at the video

on our 2021 WCP.

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