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In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Digital Anak Malaysia has been organised as an alternative plan to Projek Anak Malaysia. It is a project whereby selected volunteers work in groups to come up with creative videos covering a range of topics for students in Sabah once schools formally reopen. This project was done in conjunction with our amazing team of video editors.


Volunteers were given the liberty to be as creative as possible to attract the attention of the students. Scroll down to watch the videos made by our volunteers!

2020 special edition: Digital anak malaysia

English Is Fun

English is not always challenging.


Discover the methods to learn English in a fun and exciting way with our volunteers!

Syoknya matematik!

"Mathematics is not hard, it is only your mindset saying it."


Watch the video to see how Maths is related to our daily lives!

Mind stimulation gameS

Let's play some games!

Try out some of the games our volunteers have prepared to help students develop critical thinking and teamwork skills.


Failure is not the end of the life. It is a lesson for us to work harder to achieve our dream.

This video aims to spark motivation in students.

Love our wildlife

This video aims to educate students on the importance of conserving wildlife and how they can play an active role in environmental conservation!

Career fair

Planning for the future may be difficult and confusing. This video was prepared by our volunteers as a guidance for Charisma Movement beneficiaries and other students in choosing their future careers. It was also intended to motivate and encourage students in achieving their dreams and ambition.

There are other videos which aim to increase awareness among students on several issues concerning health, social and security.

Fraud prevention


mental health

and hygiene

perpaduan teras keharmonian

Hope you enjoy these videos that our volunteers have prepared for the digital lessons with the students. For all the teachers out there, you are more than welcome to use our videos to interact with your students!

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