Fundraising Ideas

2016 project volunteers

Every year, volunteers are required to fund-raise a minimum of £100 or RM500 to cover their project cost. In 2016, our volunteers managed to fund-raise more than the minimum amount! Here are some creative fundraising ideas that our volunteers came up with:

Britney's  yummy vanilla cupcake and art pieces. Britney (Project Teringai volunteer) managed to raise £204 by selling cupcakes and her art work! Despite having to prepare for exams, she managed to squeeze in some time to fund raise for educational project- Project Teringai-tumunda . 

Homemade chicken pie and salted caramel cupcake by Jeanette

Nurul Jannah made a donation box and managed to accumulate RM 514 in a single night’s collection at Al-Nidaa’s annual iftar event. Never underestimate the generosity of our community!

Azell worked part time as an Assistant Teacher in a kindergarten and donated RM400 from her salary towards Project KL. What better way to fund raise than teaching children and obtaining that salary which will be used to teach more children! She also raised RM100 from selling her old books and matriculation past year papers.

Our volunteer, Emily promoted her peanut butter cookies on her facebook

Nutella cupcakes by Eunice

There are many interesting ways to fund raise and it's all up to your creativity to harness that hidden talent  for a good cause. The committee will provide you full support and will be there to guide you should you need guidance- a letter of endorsement can be provided upon request.

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