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Pet a hedgehog!

By : Aisyah Mardhiah

Mardhiah, our marketing officer carried out a unique fundraising method last year. She has a male pet hedgehog Ezra and she was (and still) obsessed with her own son! To fundraise for Project Teringai Tumunda, she managed to collaborated with her university department’s club (ICTSS) for Health Awareness Week - where she offered to be a vendor that offers de-stress corner, people need to pay RM2 to pet her hedgehog!

Mardhiah is a pet lover and she always feel intrigued by the animal strange facts. Do you know that a hedgehog can has up to 7000 quills? If you went to Mardhiah's fundraising booth that day, that is one of the many interesting facts that will carried you away from the stress of your assignments!

Besides doing the traditional charity sale, try to turn your passion and interest into service that can help getting profit for your fundraising. Reach out for events for your fundraising plan and try to connect the event's goal with your fundraising motive.

It would be more lively if your fundraising idea is something that you're passionate into and gives you a platform to polish your talent.

TIPS: Always put donation box at the booth because some generous people would like to give more!

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