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Photography Prints

By : Hastha Chithiran

The Executive Director of 19/20, Hastha Chithiran had fundraised for Charisma Movement by selling his photography prints to his friends!

Read his story below. 

I fundraised for Charisma Movement by selling my photography prints to friends. I love taking photos of the landscapes I see on my travels, and some of the photos turn out really well. I printed my photos at Jessops. Jessops is a photographic shop in Bath (where I do my degree) that does print service besides selling photographic equipment.

I took advantage of the range of offers they had at that time. They gave 3 for the price of 2 glass frames or acrylic blocks with free printing and ‘buy 1 free 1’ photo prints. During my fundraising period, they also rolled out a bank holiday sale for canvas prints which was offered at 50% of the original price! After talking to the staff, I found out that Jessops gives a 10% discount for charity purposes.

These discounts meant that my friends can still get prints at an affordable price as they are quite costly especially when done in small quantities. Among the range of prints offered, the ones that many bought were prints only, prints in glass frames and canvas prints. The prints were of great quality and Jessops replaced some prints for free when I found some flaws on them.


Photo prints in glass frames.


Canvas prints of Bath Abbey and the Tower Bridge, London.


Photo prints. 

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