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Education Project Director




Education Project Director

"I learned a lot from my fellow committee members. Being a part of Charisma Movement gave me hope for a better Malaysia. It's truly inspiring seeing such young, bright leaders doing their utmost best by volunteering for a better world. I'm so glad to be a part of this team. Will be continuing to support Charisma Movement until the end of time. "

- Emylia Harriet Stevens (Committee 20/21)


    1. Devise a blueprint for Projek Anak Malaysia.

    2. Maintain/ Create good relationships with external stakeholders (i.e: Schools, Sponsors, etc).
    That being said, prepare for any ad hoc collaboration request from parties.

    3. Coordinate with teachers on the activities, time and schools related matters.

    4. Liaise with volunteers and take good care of them.

    5. Delegate task to Educational Project Officer.

    6. Prepare for post-mortem and education awareness activities.


    1. Be able to wear different caps when liaising with stakeholders of different levels (bureaucrat, sponsors, teachers, kids, etc).

    2. Highly recommended ones with experiences handling such educational projects.

    3. Ability to coordinate a team, responsible, organized, multi-tasking, self-driven, goal oriented and good communication skills.

    4. Creative in solving problems when presented with unpredicted challenges.

    5. Awareness of Education Inequity issues in Malaysia and passionate to be the change.

    6. A fun and easy going person to work with - especially when handling volunteers and kids

Deadline: 17 October 2021, 11:59PM GMT+8

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