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Environment Project Officer




Environment Project Officer

"I lacked knowledge of the environment, but joining CM, not only did I gain skills on making collaboration, but also a team that made me a better leader. Panning projects and researching for WCP made me realize the passion i have for environment. I would definitely recommend CM if anyone would want to gain personal development and grow with a team of elite youths making a better Malaysia."

- Jaspreet Kaur A/P Balbir Singh (Committee 20/21)


    1. Help coordinate the annual Wildlife

    2. Conservation Project with the Project Director

    3. Research and find other environmental issues that you would like to carry out awareness projects on

    4. Assist the Project Director in any communication/task where help is required (eg : conduct meetings)

    5. Conduct outreach where you search for collaborations with other NGOs


    1. Passionate to learn and grow in the field of environmental consciousness (it’s ok if you have never participated in any environmental projects before)

    2. Curious to search on environmental issues for youths to tackle

    3. Multi-tasker and well organised

    4. Good communication skills

Deadline: 17 October 2021, 11:59PM GMT+8

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