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Human Resources Officer




Human Resources Officer

"Having the opportunity of being in Charisma Movement has been very enjoyable & fulfilling for me. It gave me the opportunity to meet other young people who love what they do whether it be environment conservation, education inequality or other social causes that plague the world today. If you're here reading this during our committee recruitment, I highly encourage you to try it out if you wish to play your part by working towards charitable causes."

- Chean Sweet Chiao (Committee 20/21)


    1. Manage the recruiting processes for committee members & project volunteers including applications, interviews & email correspondence

    2. Overlook the general welfare of & relationship between committee members including coordinating internal bonding initiatives

    3. Handle alumni relations including managing alumni database, communications with alumni & alumni engagement events


    1. Comfortable with potentially repetitive & secretarial-style work e.g. preparing documents & sending emails

    2. Able to deal with large amounts of work in short periods of time

    3. Practice teamwork within the Human Resources team

    4. Interpersonal skills e.g. interviews, team hangouts

    5. Desire to create new & improve existing systems e.g. recruitment, team building, alumni events

    6. Committed to making CM more inclusive

    7. Good communication skills

    8. Preferably friendly and approachable

Deadline: 17 October 2021, 11:59PM GMT+8

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