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Public Relations Officer




Public Relations Officer

"Before I joined CM, I had a lot of doubts about myself. I would always think that nothing I did had an actual impact, and that was tough on me. However, since I was accepted as PR officer I do still have doubts, but I'm not scared of it anymore. I took it as a challenge to learn and grow instead. I also learned that the size of impact don't matter now. As long as I work hard and give my all, someone or something will benefit. From CM too, I learned to always be brave and courageous to get out of my comfort zone to just try and do anything and everything I can. To be honest, its a roller coaster ride here in CM, sometimes its all laugh and fun, sometimes its nerve wrecking to take action as a part of a whole organisation; but what is life without a perfect mixture of those right. Its a fun ride that I will always cherish and be proud of for the rest of my life, and that is all thanks to ✨Charisma Movement✨

- Sukma Asyura binti Nazli (Committee 20/21)


    1. Plan Public Relation strategies physically and digitally

    2. Reply and monitor public opinion of Charisma Movement

    3. Write and edit brochures, press releases, newsletters and social media messages

    4. Build relationships with members of the media, influencers and other organisations

    5. Represent Charisma Movement at events including presentations, conferences and interviews

    6. Organise and conduct Charisma Movement’s annual “NGO Meet-and-Greet” session


    1. Strong copywriting and public speaking skills

    2. Good organisational skills, with project management ability

    3. Existing relationship with media will be a plus

    4. Willingness to reach out to other people/organisations and perform cold calls

Deadline: 17 October 2021, 11:59PM GMT+8

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