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How to Donate to Charity for Free

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

“When I become rich, I’m going to give back to society.” Well, what if you didn’t have to wait until then? As a broke college student, I know the struggle of trying to live on a tight budget and not having a lot of extra cash. However, some companies have been using technology to take advantage of the resources we do have. Through these initiatives, we are now able to donate to charities completely for free.

This is a browser extension that allows people to donate money by opening tabs. By showing ads on each “new tab” page, they collect revenue to support causes like Human Rights Watch, Save the Children, and more. They have made the page entirely customisable and also publish financial reports so that users know exactly where their money is going.

As the simplest method to raise money for charity, this personal favourite of mine definitely deserves to be at the top of the list.

Make your workouts even more worth it by exercising with Charity Miles. With the help of sponsors, this app transforms your weekly runs into money for charity. The app supports over 40 international charities and users can choose which to donate their miles to. There is even a function where family and friends can sponsor an amount of their choosing for each mile.

Get the app for extra motivation to exercise and get moving today!

Similar to Charity Miles, Impact converts steps into dollars for charitable causes. However, this app contains a special feature that allows users to also donate ‘passive steps’ which you have accumulated throughout the day. After logging in, you can go about your day and the app will automatically track your steps through your device’s fitness app. Impact also lets you know how much you’ve raised for charity after each workout as shown in the picture.

Join the community to support the fight against cancer and more.

Play a game and earn 10 grains of rice for underprivileged families every time you get a correct answer. Owned by the World Food Programme, the website was initially created by a computer programmer to help his son study for exams. It has since been updated to host more than 50 categories including English, Korean, philosophy, and music. Whenever you’re bored, test your knowledge and learn something new while helping with world hunger.

PS: Charisma Movement is currently fundraising for our flagship projects which tackle educational inequality and environmental issues in Malaysia. If you would like to support us, please consider donating (even if it’s RM1!). We appreciate each and every donation.

Written by: Isabel Ng

CM Journalist 21/22

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