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Charisma Movement is looking for passionate individuals to make an impact and be the face behind our organisation for 2020/2021

How We Work

Our committee consists of passionate Malaysians all over the world. Currently, we comprise of members in Malaysia and the UK. We interact through online meetings, messages and emails to make our projects work! Whether you're working or studying, you can be one of us as long as you're passionate about making an impact and can commit to our causes for one year.


By joining us, you will get to experience what it is like be a part of running an organisation. Our community is a diverse set of human beings, and we all have a voice in enacting change, improving the lives of others, and promoting a more just and verdant world. We welcome those who share the same values to contribute and give back to our community by narrowing the gap between a world we can only imagine and the world we live in.

Deadline: 3 February 2021, 11:59PM GMT+8

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