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One Mile,

Thousand Smiles


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“Run for Malaysia 2021” with the slogan “One Mile, Thousand Smiles” is a charity event for Project Anak Malaysia #SuaraPedalaman. We chose “One Mile, Thousand Smiles” as the slogan to show how the runners can contribute to children’s happiness as we will buy school supplies for our Anak Malaysia.



Raise funds for Charisma Movement’s flagship projects: Project Anak Malaysia #SuaraPedalaman

Raise awareness regarding said projects through a fun and interactive event

Promote involvement with said projects via a healthy and beneficial activity


27th March - 11 April 2021



  • Medals 

  • E-certificate 

  • RM50 Gift Card for Top 3 Finishers (30km)

Distance & Fees

7KM - RM35/£7

15KM - RM40/£8

30KM - RM45/£9


Group Rate: RM 5/£1 off per participant (5-8 pax)




  • Participants are allowed to walk, speed walk, jog, run and use a treadmill.

  • Participants are prohibited from tracking their progress when moving with the help of any vehicle. This includes roller skates, ice skates, skateboards, bicycles, cars, buses, etc.

  • Running activity must only be recorded beginning on the first day of the running period at 12:00AM, Local Time (wherever they are located). Thus, participants should not record any activity on the Runkeeper application between the time they are added to the Running group and the start of the run as this will falsely count towards their progress. 

  • If participants choose to manually input their progress, they must include a photograph as proof (e.g: If they ran on a treadmill, they should take a picture of the treadmill display which shows the distance they covered.)

  • Participants may run individually or as a group. 

  • Only participants who complete the registered distance will receive a completion medal and certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will applications for volunteers open?
    Volunteer applications will open around March to April every year. Do follow our social media/subscribe to our newsletter to not miss this period!
  • How do I apply to be a volunteer?
    There will be an online application form for you to fill up and submit. You will be required to attach your CV during the online application phase. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to an interview. Successful applicants, following the interview, will then be notified through email.
  • Who can apply to be a volunteer?
    All youths aged 18-30 of any nationality may apply. As long as you have a strong desire to make a positive impact, we encourage you to apply! Volunteers are not limited to students, anyone can apply!
  • How can I apply to be a committee member?
    The application process to be a committee member is similar to that of the volunteer recruitment process. The only difference is that committee applications will only be open around September to October. Occasionally, ad-hoc committee recruitment may occur throughout the year so it is best for you stay updated through our social media/newsletter!
  • Who can apply to be a committee member?
    Primarily, but not limited to, youths undergoing tertiary-level education and young working adults (aged below 30) will be eligible to apply to be a committee member!
  • How many volunteers/committee members do you recruit roughly in a year?
    Typically, we recruit around 40 to 50 volunteers and about 20 to 25 committee members each year.
  • What are Charisma Movement’s flagship events?
    Our annual flagship events are mainly Anak Malaysia project, Wildlife Conservation Project and Inspire Initiative. Aside from that, we accept project proposals every year, and carry them out when possible.
  • Will there still be events in 2021 despite the pandemic?
    Our annual events will still run as per usual despite the pandemic. If the situation allows, they will be conducted as planned. Otherwise, there will be alternative plans as to how they will be conducted. For example, Digital Anak Malaysia 2020 was an alternative to our usual educational project.
  • How to contribute to the projects as a non-volunteer?
    You could contribute by donating to the Charisma Movement via the donation page. Alternatively, feel free to share our social media materials, and spread the word about us!
  • Will I get tax relief if I donate to Charisma Movement?
    Unfortunately not, CM is yet to be registered as a tax-exempt charity. However, we will let you know when it does become available.
  • Where can I get the most up-to-date information about CM?
    Subscribe to our monthly newsletter via our website. Follow us on Instagram: @charismamovement Follow us on Facebook: Charisma Movement Follow us on Twitter: @CharismaMVMT Follow us on LinkedIn: Charisma Movement
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