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Project Penyu has been REBRANDED to 

Wildlife conservation project

Established in 2016, Project Penyu
(now known as Wildlife Conservation Project) aims to spread awareness regarding the endangerment of sea turtles in Malaysia and the conservation efforts being carried out to combat this issue. We believe youths play a key role in protecting both the environment and wildlife of our country. Through this project, we aim to equip our volunteers with the tools to further this cause.



What do





In collaboration with SEATRU UMT, Project Penyu volunteers will participate in a one-week programme at Chagar Hutang on Pulau Redang. During this time, they will gain hands-on experience with ancient sea turtles (the green and hawksbill turtles) through activities such as monitoring the sea turtle nesting process, identifying sea turtle species and measuring and tagging sea turtles. All of this will be done with guidance from SEATRU scientists and trained research assistants.


But Charisma Movement believes in taking things one step further! As such, volunteers will also be arranging a workshop for SPM students. During this workshop, volunteers will have the chance to utilize and share their newly acquired knowledge with school students while exposing them to relevant career pathways and fields of study. 

Collections of stories written by past volunteers everyday throughout the 1 week volunteering project.

Read more about them here!

Past Volunteers Experience


Project Recruitment

Project recruitment is closed.

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