I would like to start off this section with an acknowledgment of how humbling this journey has been, watching how people make sacrifices as they pursue their noble cause through higher and higher walls. It was genuinely a big wake up call for me. I was reminded of the privilege I’ve been enjoying just because I have 2 amazing parents working day and night to secure a better environment and future for me, and the lack of purpose and resolve that I have towards the goal I set for myself. I was taught gratitude, empathy, passion and priority management among many other values.

The difference in their culture, perspective and drive made me wonder what it really means and takes to be a good leader. Eventually I realized that being a good leader means empathy above all, as what Bella, our trip leader would agree to, but beyond that is making conscious decision of who you choose to lead as a leader. The goal, ultimately, is to find people that align with your vision, and turn them into a leader.

On top of all of that ‘awakening’ or newfound philosophy/pursuit, WCP really opened me up to the values and beauty of our country, our land, our people, and our home. What was ingrained into my memories in these 4 days were the dedication, hard work, passion and pride that we Malaysians have, despite many have forgotten it, including myself. It was clear that things had to change, starting from me, and from the people around me, through whatever ways I could to inspire them to contribute back to where we were born. With that, I hope the proliferation of brain drain can cut off from me.

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