I learned so much about the fragility of our wildlife- especially sea turtles and terrapins. I have heard so much about them, but this trip opened my eyes (literally) to the kinds of dangers they face and how crucial it is that us humans use our voices and our hands to help them. I have never felt so inspired by another camp, to carry the impact in myself as a project volunteer. Some guys asked me, where's the impact of this project? Did we really get to make a long-lasting change?

I answered no, and quickly explained conservation of wildlife and environment requires long-term commitment rather than a 5-day brief involvement. However, we were investing in our volunteers to inspire them to spread awareness through their own projects in the future- we were planting seeds in them to share what they saw/felt/learned throughout the trip to bigger communities. That would be the impact we were going for (probably also because I do Inspire Initiative for CM, I was thoroughly pleased with my reply).

I realised that I have overcome a problem I used to have- which was not being sociable enough in groups. This time, I was comfortable working with people I was not familiar with, and started conversations. Now look how we ended up being pretty good friends at the end of the trip :3

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