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Why designers should do volunteering projects?


At first glance, you would wonder why would a designer be of help in a volunteering project? When you look at a charitable organisation's social media, no one can deny that the first thing that catches their eyes are pictures from the organisation’s volunteering projects, photos of volunteers helping out at orphanages, schools, beach cleanups et cetera. Naturally, that is what onlookers will be most interested in, so where is the need for designers? Can’t simple and plain posters be sufficient?

Well, here are 3 reasons why designers are much more important in a volunteering project than you would think.

Written by : Zach Chia

1. Use your skills for a good cause 

If you’ve spent a lot of time and effort to hone a certain talent that you have, why not put it to good use by helping a good cause! A good design for a charitable organisation will draw in more donors, hence more funds can be allocated to those in need, all because of your expertise in design. Volunteering does not necessarily mean being on the front lines helping out those in need in person, the work done behind the scenes is equally as important in ensuring the success of a volunteering project, and that’s where designers come into play! You are also an important part of the volunteering team, by devoting your expertise towards the same cause!


2. Flex your creative muscles 

 If you have put in a lot of time and effort to create designs for clients, it will feel liberating to come up with designs for volunteering projects for a change, as you are not doing it for monetary gains, and compared to corporate clients, it’s likely that you will have more creative freedom in designing for NGOs. This is a great opportunity to be more creative and try new designs, in other words, a great platform for you to grow as a designer! 

3. Your work will be the first thing potential donors see 

 When a potential volunteer or donor stumbles across a charitable organisation on social media, it goes without saying that the design and layout of their content will be the first impression they will have, and the only thing to judge their professionalism with. These days, donors want to give back to society, but don't want their hard earned cash falling into the wrong hands. Therefore, to determine the success of a charitable donation, a good impression has to be given to potential donors at the very first glance. With a clean and professional design aesthetic throughout our platforms, we can build a sense of trust with potential donors, even before any communication is established. 

In other words, yes, designers are crucial in a volunteering project, and can be the determining factor of how successful a volunteering project turns out! So, if you’re a designer looking to work with a charitable NGO, sign up to be a part of the Charisma Movement team!

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